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Serbian License Plates

(A) As part of Yugoslavia.

(B) Since 2003 optional, unofficial sticker with the letters SRB (original 3 letter ISO code) or SCG (3 letter ISO code adopted in 2003) which was not part of the license plate.

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Serbian License Plates

(A) As part of Yugoslavia.

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Country Information

Serbia Map

Location South East Europe
Capital Beograd [Belgrade]
Main Religion Christianity (orthodoxy)
Main Language Serbian
History Yugoslavia was formed in 1919 by the unification of Serbia, Montenegro and the South-Slavic parts of Austria-Hungary.

Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina seceded from Yugoslavia in 1991.
Macedonia seceded in 1993.

In 2003, Yugoslavia was reconstituted as Serbia and Montenegro. The country was a confederal parliamentary democratic republic with two constituent states: the Republic of Serbia (Republika Srbije) and the Republic of Montenegro (Republika Crna Gora), hence the international Oval SCG (Srbija i Crna Gora).

Montenegro voted for independence from Serbia in May 2006.

The Serbian province of Kosovo has been governed by the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) since 1999 under the authority of UN Security Council Resolution 1244. It declared itself independent in February 2008. It's independence is not recognized by Serbia and many other countries.

International Oval SCG


(1) Picture by Milan Ivic
(2) Picture by Thomas Rösner
(3) Picture by Daniel Kursa
(4) Picture by Zlatko Atanovski
(5) Picture by Dirk Elbers
(6) Picture by Markus Mraz

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