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(A) Between 1941-45, Croatia was an independent protectorate.
(B) As part of Yugoslavia.

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Croatia License Plates

Krajina Flag   Serb Occupied Krajina

Krajina License Plates

Principality of Ongal Flg   Principality of Ongal

Principality of Ongal License Plate

Ongal Map

The Principality of Ongal is a self-proclaimed microstate on "no-mans land" on the Western bank of the Danube River between the borders of Serbia and Croatia.

It was proclaimed on May 24, 2015 by Bulgarian and Hungarian citizens and it is an "absolute monarchy" governed by Knyaz (Prince) Milomir I, a chancellor minister, and a minister of ecology.

It is not officially recognized.

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Herzeg-Bosna Flag     Croatian Area in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Country Information

Croatia Map

Location Central Europe
Capital Zagreb
Main Religion Christianity (catholicism)
Main Language Croatian
History Croatia seceded from Yugoslavia in 1991.
It became a member of the European Union in 2013.
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(1) Jim Fox/Picture by Greg Gibson
(2) Picture by Dirk Elbers

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