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North Macedonian License Plates

(A) Letter "M" embossed on the left and right sides of the plate. (This is not usual for this series.)
(B) Red field after the town code with the letters PM (Republika Makedonija) in yellow surrounded by laurel leaves.
(C) Red field after the town code with the town code and suffix letters in Cyrillic.
(D) Country code "MK" in the blue band on the left. Use of the red field with Cyrilliac letters contined.
(E) Country Code change the "NMK" after the country's name change to Northern Macedonia.

More North Macedonian Plates

Macedonian License Plates

(A) O.S.C.E. = Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
(B) E.A.R. = European Agency For Reconstruction

Country Information

Map of North Macedonia

Location South East Europe
Capital Skopje
Main Religions Christianity (orthodoxy) and islam (sunni)
National Language Macedonian. The other official language is Albanian.
History Between 1941 and 1945, Macedonia was incorporated into Bulgaria.
Macedonia, seceded from Yugoslavia in 1991.
The country name was changed to North Macedonia in February 2019.
International Oval NMK


(1) Jim Fox/Pictures by Greg Gibson
(2) Picture by Slatko Atanasovski
(3) Picture by Victor Brumby
(4) Picture by Dirk Elbers
(5) Picture by Europlate

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