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Austria License Plates

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Plate History

1910's - 1980's

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1930's - 1990

Austrian License Plates


Austrian License Plates


Austrian License Plates

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Austrian-Hungarian Empire License Plates

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The Austrian-Hungarian Empire was a dual monarchy of Austria and Hungary between 1906 and 1919.

License plates were red on white (Hungary) or black on white (Austria) with prefixes denoting the province followed by Roman numerals. Temporary admission plates (shown above) for foreign vehicles had a red suffix:

Country Information

Austria Map

Location Central Europe
Capital Wien [Vienna]
Main Religion Christianity (catholicism)
Main Language German
History Austria became independent from the German Empire in 1804.
In 1918, today's Austria was the successor of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
Austria is a member of the European Union since 1995.
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(1) Picture by Markus Mraz
(2) Picture by Leonard Papabasiliou
(3) Jim Fox/Picture by Greg Gibson
(4) Picture by Wolfgang Weilander
(5) Picture by Sebastian Diesing

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