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Bosnia-Herzegovina License Plates

(A) As part of Yugoslavia.

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Bosnia-Herzegovina License Plates

(A) As part of Yugoslavia.

Moslem Areas (1992 - 1998)

License Plates of Moslem Areas in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Croatian in Bosnia-Herzegovina Flag   Herzeg-Bosna - Croatian Area

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Srpska Flag   Srpska Republic - Serbian Area


Srpska Republic License Plates

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Srpska Republic License Plates

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UN in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Country Information

Bosnia-Herzegovina Map

Location Central Europe
Capital Sarajevo
Main Religions Christianity (orthodoxy and catholicism), islam (sunni)
Main Language Serbo-croat (under diverse names)
History Bosnia & Herzegowina seceded from Yugoslavia in 1991. Independence was followed by a civil war in which the Serbs fought against the Muslims and Croats.
The country is now seperated into two constituent states, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska.
The international authorities have formal influence on the political life in the country.
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(1) Picture by Alen Duspera
(2) Jim Fox/Picture by Greg Gibson
(3) Picture by Alen Duspera
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