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Italian License Plates

Plate History

1905 - 1994
(A) Type 1: Small provincial code
(B) Type 2: Seal of the Republic

Non-Passenger/Other Italian Plates

Italian License Plates

US American Flag United States Forces

U.S. Forces in Italy


Rhodes License Plates
Circa 1935 under Italian Occupation.
Greece and Rhodes Map

Rhodes was under the jurisdiction of Italy (1912 - 1943), the occupation of Germany (1943 - 1945) and the military administration of Great Britain (1945 - 1947).
Since 1948, it is part of Greece with standard Greek license plates.

Seborga Flag Seborga

Seborga License Plates
Liguria and Seborga Map

Seborga is a 14 kmĀ² area West of Genoa which calls itself a "Principality" for historical reasons.
It issues its own stamps, coins, passports and license plates none of which have any validity and are mostly sold to tourists. Vehicles with Seborga "license plates" must also carry Italian plates from the province of Imperia in which the "Principality" lies.

Trieste Flag Trieste

Trieste License Plates
1945 - 1954, Trieste Occupied by British and American Froces
Italy and Trieste Map

Trieste was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918, then part of Italy until 1945.
After 1945 it was divided into two zones:
A zone which was occupied by American and British Forces and issued Italian style plates. This zone reverted to Italy in 1954.
A zone which was occupied by Yugoslavia and issued Yugoslavian style plates. This zone reverted to Yugoslavia with Slovenia assuming control in 1991.

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Country Information

Italy Map

Location Southern Europe
Capital Roma [Rome]
Main Religion Christianity (catholicism)
National Language Italian. German, French and Ladino are official minority languages.
History Italy became a united state in 1861. It is a founding member of the European Union.
International Oval I


(1) Frederico Da Lio
(2) Pieter Beelen
(3) Jim Fox/Greg Gibson

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