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Black on white (front) and black on yellow (rear).
Blue band stickers are optional.


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Sealand Souvenir License Plate Sealand Vicinity Map

Sealand is an abandoned World War II anti-aircraft platform in the Thames Estuary. It is just outside Great Britain's three mile territorial water limit.
In 1967, it was occupied by a British businessman Roy Bates and his family. He proclaimed himself Prince Roy and the platform to be the "Principality of Sealand".
The British Home Office (Interior Ministry) issued a statement saying that in the British government's view Sealand remains British territory.
Any "Sealand license plate" is to be considered a fake or souvenir license plate.

United Kingdom Map
Location Western Europe
Capital London
Main Religion Christianity (protestantism, the queen is head of the Church of England, and catholicism)
National Language English
History England, Wales and Scotland merged into the United Kingdom in 1707.
When Ireland seceded from the United Kingdom in 1921, Northern Ireland remained British and became a part of the United Kingdom.
The United Kingdom is a member of the European Union since 1973.
International Oval GB

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