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1995 Series

Germany License Plates

(A) Originally with hyphen divider (now discontinued). Code "FRW" is now obsolete.

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German License Plates

Plate History

  Germany Until 1948

  Saarland (1920 - 1945)

  East Germany (1953 - 1998)

  West Germany (1956 - 1994)

  American Zone (1945 - 1956)

  British Zone (1945 - 1956)

  French Zone (1945 - 1956)

  Soviet Zone (1945 - 1953)

  Military Forces in Germany

  German Forces in France

  German Forces in the Netherlands

Country Information

Germany Map

Location Western Europe
Capital Berlin
Main Religion Christianity (catholicism and protestantism)
National Language German. Sorbian and Danish are languages with minority rights.
History In 1949, the country was split into the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany).
West Germany is a founding member of the European Union. East Germany joined West Germany 1990 and became part of the European Union.
International Oval D


(1) Picture by Sebastian Zippel
(2) Picture by Dirk Elbers
(3) Picture by Dennis Cerantola
(4) Picture by Ulrich Xavier

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