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French Zone

The French Zone (1945 - 1956) comprised:

  1. Rheinland-Pfalz (Germany)
  2. Südbaden (Germany)
  3. Südwürttemberg (Germany)
  4. Vorarlberg, Tirol (Austria)
  5. the indicated sector in Berlin
Originally, the French, though Allies, were not going to be granted an occupation zone due to the concerns of great historical hostility between the France and Germany as well as the general ineffectiveness of the French as a member of the alliance during the war.

Eventually, however, both the British and the Americans agreed to yield a small portion of their respective zones to the French. For this reason, the French zone, unlike those of the other three powers, consisted of two non-contiguous areas.

The headquarters of the French military government was in Baden-Baden.

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