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Various Vehicle Types
United Nations
British Forces - Akrotiri and Dhekelia Bases
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Various Vehicle Types

Cyprus License Plates
1970's - 2004 bases: Black on white (front), black on yellow (rear)
2004 and later series were issued to private, commercial, agricultural, police vehicles and motorcycles.
2013 bases: Black on white (front and rear)


Cyprus License Plates

United Nations Flag United Nations

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UN in Cyprus

British Flag British Forces - Akrotiri and Dhekelia Bases

British Forces in Cyprus
Administrative vehicles and civilian police in British Sovereign Base Areas.
SBAA = Sovereign British Administrative Area
Recent base is black on white (front) and black on yellow (rear).

Country Information

Cyprus Map

Location Mediterranean
Capital Lefkosía [Nicosia]
Main Religions Christianity (orthodox) and islam (sunni, in North Cyprus)
National Languages Greek, Turkish
History Cyprus became independent from Great Britain in 1960. The northern part declared itself independent in 1974 as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. However, it is internationally not recognized as an independent state and is legally part of the Republic of Cyprus.
Cyprus (but excluding Turkish occupied Northern Cyprus) became a member of the European Union in 2004.
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(1) Jim Fox/Greg Gibson
(2) Dirk Elbers
(3) Demetris Michael
(4) Thomas Rösner
(5) Joe Sallmen
(6) Andrew Braun

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