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Gilbert and Ellis Islands
Fake Kiribati Plates
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General Kiribati License Plates
Late 2010 Series: Introduced on Tarawa atoll (replacing the BTC and TUC series) and on Kiritimati (Christmas Island).
White on black registrations: B (Betio), T (Teinainano) or X (Kiritimati) is followed by the vehicle class letter (usually in yellow) and a four digit number (three for trailers) all hand painted, stenciled or of printed laminated paper on a wooden base.


Other Kiribati License Plates

Vehicle Class Letter

A Public Transport, Bus
B Commercial Vehicle
C Private Vehicle
D Two Wheel Vehicle
E Trailer
G Government Owned Vehicle

Gilbert and Ellis Islands Flag Gilbert and Ellis Islands

Gilbert & Ellis Islands License Plates

Fake Kiribati Plates

Fake Kiribati License Plates

Country Information

Kiribati Map

Location Pacific
Capital Tarawa
Main Religion Christianity (catholicism and protestantism)
National Languages i-Kiribati, English
History The Gilbert Islands gained their independence from Great Britain in 1979 and became the nation of Kiribati, a democratic republic in the British Commonwealth. Ocean Island is in the Gilbert Island chain.
The Ellice Islands gained their independence from Great Britain in 1878 and became the nation of Tuvalu.
International Oval KIR


(1) Jim Fox/Greg Gibson
(2) Christian Richter
(3) James Mulik
(4) Jim Gordon
(5) Andrew Braun
(6) Roy Klotz

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