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Kiribati License Plates

Late 2010 Series: Introduced on Tarawa atoll (replacing the BTC and TUC series) and on Kiritimati (Christmas Island).
White on black registrations: B (Betio), T (Teinainano) or X (Kiritimati) is followed by the vehicle class letter (usually in yellow, see below) and a four digit number (three for trailers) all hand painted, stenciled or of printed laminated paper on a wooden base.

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Kiribati License Plates

Vehicle Class Letter

A Public Transport, Bus
B Commercial Vehicle
C Private Vehicle
D Two Wheel Vehicle
E Trailer
G Government Owned Vehicle

Country Information

Kiribati Map

Location Pacific
Capital Tarawa
Main Religion Christianity (catholicism and protestantism)
National Languages i-Kiribati, English
History The Gilbert Islands became independent from Great Britain as Kiribati in 1979
International Oval KIR


(1) Jim Fox/Picture by Greg Gibson
(2) Picture by Bauke Huesken
(3) Picture by James Mulik
(4) Picture by Jim Gordon
(5) Picture by Andrew Braun

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