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Belgium License Plates

(1) Picture by Wouter Claessens

Belgian Government

Belgium Government Plates

(1) Picture by Ludwig van den Boer (Mock-up from Government publication)

Miscellaneous Belgian Plates

Miscellaneous Belgian Plates

(A) Mock-up from Government publication
(B) Unusual dyes- maybe a fake

(1) Picture by Ludwig van der Boer
(2) Picture by Markus Mraz
(3) Picture by Floris De Vogel

Military Forces

Belgium Military Plates

US American Flag   American Forces

U.S. in Belgium

(1) Jim Fox/Picture by Greg Gibson

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Belgium Map
Location Western Europe
Capital Brussel/Bruxelles [Brussels]
Main Religion Christianity (catholicism)
National Languages Dutch, French, German
History Belgium seceded from the Netherlands in 1830.
It is territorially divided in the regions of Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels and on linguistic and cultural issues divided in Dutch, French, and German communities.
Belgium is a founding member of the European Union.
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