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Belize License Plates

In general, all private/passenger plates are the original 1971 series, i.e. the letter "C" and a serial number, with several design (layout) changes over the years. Not all changes occurred at the same time in all districts.
1973 plates had no district code. In 1981, wide dyes and a four digit registration was used. In 1989, dyes became narrower and the registration was expanded to five digits (with leading zeroes). Since around 2009 (?) plates are made of flat plexiglass or plastic, with and official seal. Many exceptions exist.

Belize License Plates

It is unknown if these are "new" 2010 - 2011 general issues (designs).

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Belize License Plates
Belize Map
Location Central America
Capital Belmopan
Main Religion Christianity (catholicism and protestantism)
National Language English. Other main languages are Spanish and Mayan.
History British Honduras became independent from Great Britain as Belize in 1981
International Oval BH


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