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Plate History
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     1950's - 1970's
     1980's - 2000's
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State Coding System
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Nationally Issued Plates - 2008 Series

Venezuelan License Plates

The last letter denotes the State Code.

Plate History

Venezuelan License Plates 1955 - 2007

1955 - 1961 National plates without state designation
1962 - 1969 First letter denotes State Code
1970 - 1971 First letter (after a numeral) denotes State Code
1972 - 1974 All numerals, no state coding
1975 - 1995 First letter denotes State Code
1982/1982 New State Codes
1984 - 1995 First letter "X" for new vehicle registrations
1995 - 2007 First letter denotes State Code. Plates on Margarita Island, a free port (Puerto Libre, Nueva Esparta state), are all numeric.

More Venezuelan Plates

1950's - 1970's

Venezuelan License Plates

1980's - 2000's

Venezuelan License Plates

2008 Series

Venezuelan License Plates
Venezuelan License Plates


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  Amazonas   Anzoategui   Apure   Aragua
  Barinas   Bolivar   Carabobo   Cojedas
  Delta Amacuro   Falcón   Capital District   Guárico
  Lara   Mérida   Miranda   Monagas
  Nueva Esparta   Portuguesa   Sucre   Táchira
  Trujillo   Vargas   Yaracuy   Zulia

State Coding System

State Code 1962 - 1982 Since 1982 Notes
A Distrito Federal Distrito Federal Since 2008: Distrito Capital
B Anzoátegui Anzoátegui  
C Apure Apure  
D Aragua Aragua  
E Barinas Barinas  
F Bolivar Bolivar  
G (not used) Carabobo  
H Carabobo Cojedas  
I Cojedas Falcón  
J Falcón Guárico  
K Guárico Lara  
L Lara Mérida  
M Mérida Miranda  
N Miranda Monagas  
O Monagas Nueva Esparta  
P Nueva Esparta Portuguesa  
Q (not used) (not used)  
R Portuguesa Sucre  
S Sucre Táchira  
T Táchira Trujillo  
U Trujillo Yaracui  
V Yaracui Zulia  
W (not used) Vargas In 1998, Vargas split from Distrito Federal to become a new state.
X Zulia General issue
Until 1995
Since 1995
Y Amazonas Delta Amacuro  
Z Delta Amacuro (not used)  

Country Information

Map of Venezuela

Location South America
Capital Caracas
Main Religion Christianity
Main Language Spanish
History Venezuela seceded from Grand Colombia in 1830
International Oval YV


(1) Jim Fox/Picture by Greg Gibson

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