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Province Codes and Provinces

  C   Buenos Aires (City)   B   Buenos Aires (Province)   K   Catamarca   H   Chaco
  U   Chubut   X   Córdoba   W   Corrientes   E   Entre Rios
  P   Formosa   Y   Jujuy   L   La Pampa   F   La Rioja
  M   Mendoza   N   Misiones   Q   Neuquén   R   Rio Negro
  A   Salta   J   San Juan   D   San Luis   Z   Santa Cruz
  S   Santa Fe   G   Santiago del Estero   V   Tierra del Fuego   Y   Tucumán

Country Information

Map of Argentina

Location South America
Capital Buenos Aires
Main Religion Christianity (catholicism)
National Language Spanish
History Independence from Spain in 1816
International Oval RA


(1) Picture by Michiel van der Veur

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