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Aimeliik Flag   Aimeliik

Aimeliik License Plates

Airai Flag   Airai

Airai License Plates

Angaur Flag   Angaur

Angaur License Plates

Hatohobei Flag   Hatohobei

Hatohobei License Plates

Kayangel Flag   Kayangel

Kayangel License Plates

Koror Flag   Koror

Koror License Plates

(A) Design still being revalided.

Melekeok Flag   Melekeok

Melekeok License Plates

(A) This seems to be a faded and incorrectly repainted 1990's plate.

Ngaraard Flag   Ngaraard

Ngaraard License Plates

Ngarchelong Flag   Ngarchelong

Ngarchelong License Plates

Ngardmau Flag   Ngardmau

Ngardmau License Plates

Ngaremlengui Flag   Ngaremlengui or Ngeremlengui

Ngaremlengui License Plates

(A) Nothing is known about this plate. Dyes almost look like motorcycle dyes.

Ngatpang Flag   Ngatpang

Ngatpang License Plates

Ngchesar Flag   Ngchesar

Ngchesar License Plates

Ngiwal Flag   Ngiwal

Ngiwal License Plates

Peleliu Flag   Peleliu

Peleliu License Plates

Years are approximate.

Sonsorol Flag   Sonsorol

Sonsorol License Plates

(A) SFM seems to stand for "Sonsorol Fanah - Meril Islands". There is no "Fanah" or "Meril" island. However, there is a "Fanna" (or "Fana", 0.48 km2) and a "Merir" (or "Melieli", 0.91 km2) island which are tiny atolls. It is unknown if there are any vehicles on these islands.


(1) Jim Fox/Picture by Greg Gibson
(2) Christian Richter Collection

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