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National Plates - Private/Passenger

1937 - 1943

Mexican License Plates

No state coding used in 1937, 1938, and 1939
(A) State coding used but prefix G was used in Guanajuato and Guerrero
(B) State coding used but prefix P was used in Pueblo and San Luis Potosí
(C) State coding used but prefix Y was used in Morelos and Yucatan

National Plates - Federal Government

Servicio Publico Federal (SPF)
Secretaria del Autotransporte Federal (SAF)
Secretaria de Comunicaciónes y Transportes (SCT)

Mexican License Plates
Mexican License Plates

National Plates - Miscellaneous

Mexican License Plates

Diplomatic & Consular Corps

Mexican License Plates

States & Federal District

  Aguascalientes   Baja California   Baja California Sur   Campeche
  Chiapas   Chihuahua   Coahuila   Colima
  Federal District   Durango   Guanajuato   Guerrero
  Hidalgo   Jalisco   México   Michoacán
  Morelos   Nayarit   Nuevo León   Oaxaca
  Puebla   Querétaro   Quintana Roo   San Luis Potosí
  Sinaloa   Sonora   Tabasco   Tamaulípas
  Tlaxcala   Veracruz   Yucatán   Zacatecas

Border Zone with the United States

Beginning in 1972, México started issuing special plates for privately owned vehicles in all of Baja California and Baja California Sur and for privately owned vehicles registered in the 20 mile border zone with the United States in Chihuahua, Coahuila, Sonora and Tamaulípas

In the end-1990's, other vehicle classes also received border zone plates.

These plates differ from the standard passenger plates in their different color and numbering schemes.

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Country Information

Map of Mexico

LocationNorth America
CapitalCiudad de México [Mexico City]
Main ReligionChristianity
Main LanguageSpanish
HistoryIndependence from Spain in 1821
International OvalMEX


(1) Jim Fox/Picture by Greg Gibson
(2) Picture by Ricky Stein

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