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Aruba License Plates

In July of each year since 1961, plates are revalidated by a metal plate in reversed colors from the base plate. It bears the serial (top), the letter "A" for private vehicles (center) and the year (bottom).

(A) 2015 plates were revalidated by a windshield sticker in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

(B) 2020 plates are still valid in 2021 and 2022.

Plate History

1931 - 1960's






A Private/Passenger
AG Automobile Agency
B Bus
BR Dealer
D Official
DT Diesel Truck (Since 1978)
GAR Repair/Garage
H Hire/Taxi 1950's only, now discontinued.
MFA Private Motorcycle
MFD Official Motorcycle
MFV Rental Motorcycle
O Bus allowed to pick up passengers anywhere
Used with "B", "DT", "T" plates
T Tourist Vehicle
TR Truck
TX Taxi
V Rental Car

More Aruba Plates

Aruba License Plates

Special Event

Aruba License Plates

ESSO Refinery & Lago Colony

Esso Refinery License Plate

Lago Colony was a community on the eastern end of Aruba in an area now called Seroe Colorado. The colony served, for the most part, as a company town for Lago Oil & Transport Company, Ltd., which owned and operated a refinery on the island.

Lago Oil was a subsidiary of Standard Oil Company (New Jersey), later known as Exxon Corporation.

At its peak, Lago Colony included about 700 homes for employees and their families and included a school, a hospital, a church, and a variety of social and recreational opportunities. Residents of the colony were mostly Americans but other nationalities were also represented.

The refinery, which began operating in 1924 as a trans-shipping facility for crude oil from Lake Maracaibo (Venezuela), was at one time the largest refinery complex in the world. The facility remained in operation until 1985 when Exxon moved to shut down and dismantle the refinery and Lago Colony. Parts of the facility were sold to the Aruban government and later to Coastal Petroleum. Though a much smaller operation today, Valero Energy Corporation now operates the refinery.

An undated license plate was issued to vehicles that did not go outside the concession.

Source: Briscoe Center for American History

Jurisdiction Information

Aruba Map

Location Caribbean
Capital Oranjestad
Main Religion Christianity
Main Languages Dutch, Papiamento
Political Status Autonomous state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Full autonomy in internal affairs. The government of the Netherlands is responsible for defense and foreign affairs.
History Dutch since 1634
International Oval (none)


(1) Jim Fox/Picture by Greg Gibson
(2) Picture by Mark O'Neil
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