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Philippines License Plates

Plate History

Prefixes (1961 - 1980)

AC Autocalesa/Jeepney
B Bantam Car
C, D Consular Corps
Diplomatic Corps
E Tax Exempt
Tax Exempt - United States Forces
G Government Owned Self-Drive
H Heavy Car
Heavy Trailer (HB)
Very Heavy Trailer (HBB)
J Jeep
L Light Car
P Official Vehicle (PI)
Public Utility Car (PU)
Public Utility Bus (PUB)
Public Utility Jeep (PUJ)

Public Utility Coach (PUC)
R Government Owned Vehicle (RP)
Government Owned Truck (RPT)
S Service Van or Bus (S)
Schoolbus (SB)
Special (SPL)
T Truck (T)
Government Owned Truck (TPI)
Public Utility Truck (TPU)
Jeep Trailer (TRJ)

Heavy Truck (TH)
Tanker Truck (TK)
Trailer (TR)
TX Taxi
U Rental Vehicle
No Prefix President, Vice-President
High Government Official

(1) Picture by Carson Webb
(2) Jim Fox / Picture by Greg Gibson
(3) Picture by Juke Luoma

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Official and State Visits

Official and State Visits

Special Events and Special Interest

US American Flag   United States Forces

U.S. Forces were stationed on the Philippines between 1964 and 1992.

U.S. Forces in the Philippines
Philippines Map
Location East Asia
Capital Manila
Main Religion Christianity. There is an active islamist minority in the southern part of country.
Main Languages Pilipino, Tagalog, Cebuano. English is the lingua franca.
History Independence from the United States of America in 1946
International Oval RP

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