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Various Vehicle Classes

1994 Series

Chinese License Plates

All 1994 series plates are used on cars, taxis, (some) vans and commercial vehicles. Not all provinces are shown.

Plate History

Chinese License Plates

More Chinese Plates


Chinese License Plates

1970's - 1980's

Chinese License Plates
(A) In addition to Macau license plate


Chinese License Plates
(B) Supplemental Plate

1990's, Military

Chinese License Plates
MR = Military Region


Chinese License Plates

Tibetan Flag   Tibet

Tibetan License Plates

Tibet Map

Tibet was independent prior to 1950. It was invaded by China in 1950 and became an autonomous region of China.
The only known registrations were on two cars imported in pieces on yaks and assembled in Lhasa, the capital, in the 1920's for the Dalai Lama. These vehicles had plates with the registrations "TIBET No 1" and "TIBET No 2".

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Country Information

China Map

Location East Asia
Capital Beijing
Main Religions Confucianism, buddhism
Main Language Chinese (Mandarin). Many people speak other versions of Chinese.
History China became an united independent empire in 210 B.C.
Hong Kong and Macau have autonomy with a multi-party system.
After the civil war in the 1940's the nationalist government withdrew at the island of Taiwan where it formed the Republic of China
International Oval (none)


(1) Jim Fox/Picture by Greg Gibson
(2) Picture by Stephan Olmscheid
(3) Picture by Jim Gordon
(4) Thomas Rösner
(5) Picture by Wolfgang Meyenberg
(6) Picture by Jos Goffin

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