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Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)
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Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)

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Location North Africa
Capital El Aaiún
Main Religion Islam
National Languages Arab, Spanish, Hassani
History Until 1976, Western Sahara was a territory of Spain and used the license plate system in use in metropolitan Spain. Spanish Sahara was annexed by Morocco and Mauritania in 1976.

The "Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic" (SADR) is a government in exile founded by the Polisario Front on February 27, 1976. It currently controls about 20% of its claimed territory. Morocco controls and administers the majority of the territory as its Southern Provinces.
Referring to the Moroccan provinces as "Occupied Territory", Polisario as SADR claims control over a zone largely bordering Mauritania, described by Polisario as "the Free Zone," although characterized by Morocco as a buffer zone.

Western Sahara is currently recognized by about 60 countries. Morocco retains de facto control.

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