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Kingdom | Embassy of Heaven
Kingdom of Hawaii

Kingdom | Embassy of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven License Plates

The Embassy of Heaven is a Christian-based new religious movement based in Stayton, Oregon that seeks to separate from secular government. Its members profess themselves to be literal citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven and reject any ties to what they refer to as "worldly governments". The organization issues its own identity documents, business licenses, motor vehicle title certificates and license plates.

Nothing is known of the States of America United license plate except that it is not officially issued and, therefore, invalid.

Native Hawaiian Flag   Kingdom of Hawaii

Kingdom of Hawaii License Plates

Issuance and Recognition

Map of Hawaii

Plates are not officially issued or recognized by the state of Hawai'i.

Black American Flag   Washitaw

Washitaw License Plate

Issuance and Recognition

The Washitaw (or "Ouachita") is a group of black Americans that claim to be a sovereign Native American nation within the boundaries of the United States.
Various U.S. courts have ruled that the "Washitaw Nation" is fictional and that it is not officially recognized.
Issuance of this license plate has been discontinued.


(1) Picture by Mark Goodwin
(2) Picture by Kingdom of Hawaii Department of Transportation
Embassy of Heaven: Wikipedia

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