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Aleut Community

License Plates of the Aleut Community

Chickaloon Village

License Plates of the Chickaloon Village

Gold Creek Susitna

License Plates of Gold Creek Susitna

Knik Tribe

License Plates of the  Knik Tribe

Issuance and Recognition

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Chickaloon Village, Gold Creek Susitna and Knik Tribe "license plates" are not officially issued or recognized by the state of Alaska. Therefore, they should be considered Souvenir License Plates.

The Aleut Community license plate shown was briefly available at a cost of $5 and was used for a three-wheeler according to a St. Paul resident. However, St. Paul, an island in the Bering Sea, is off the road system, has no highway connection and receives no state money for roads. Vehicles on the island are not registered. Drivers licenses of St. Paul residents have their own "off system" classification.


(1) Eric Bos Collection
(2) Helmut Stoker Collection

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