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Objective of this Web Site
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Objective of this Web Site

The objective of License Plates of the World is to publicize license plate pictures with a few facts that may interest and entertain the casual web surfer and perhaps encourage them to become a license plate collector.

It is not meant to be a comprehensive document on license plates.

For those predominantly interested in license plates of the United States of America and Canada, consider joining the Automotive License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA), based in the United States.

Those interested in license plates from all parts of the world, Europlate based in Great Britain with agents in the U.K., Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada is highly recommended.

Both clubs mail newsletters to their members periodically with up-to-date information on new developments in the license plate world, thorough articles, pictures, trade/for sale lists and a lot more.

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German Flag   AKS - Autokennzeichen Sammlerclub

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Collectors' Pages

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"DNA" Dutch Number Plate Archive
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Elie, Sander Europlates
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Garish, Christopher BCpl8s.ca
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Rottensteiner, Peter Autokennzeichen (German)
Schiller, J.R. The High Road
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Smith, Tom License Plate Enthusiast
Stedehouder, Hans Plate-Planet
Steitz, Drew PL8S
Upton, Jonathan The Back Bumper
van der Broek, Marcel Nummerplaten.info
van der Krogt, Peter Maps on License Plates
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